Virtual Reality Experience: LMI Exploration

Labour Market Information (LMI) is information about jobs and the people that do those jobs. By completing a Virtual Reality (VR)  module, you’ve likely been exposed to different types of LMI. You now know more about the work environment, tasks, and skills associated with that occupation. Continue your journey by exploring the following resources.  Learn about wages, education requirements, job opportunities, and more!


This document contains everything needed to administer the Virtual Reality Simulations.

Tech Guide

This guide is designed to help you get you started with your Virtual Reality (VR) kit. It will cover everything from what’s in your kit, to how to setup and run VR programs for the first time.


This resource contains training documents, labour market information such as profiles and videos by module.  

VR Setup

Follow this series of "How To" videos to help with the set up of your VR unit.


Need help getting through a module from start to finish? Select from a list of available videos to show you how!