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Build the skills you need, for the career you want!

Whatever point you are at in life, we have the tools and resources to help you build the skills you need for the career you want. Start by choosing the point you are currently at in your career from the list below.

Resources and tools for youth building skills and planning for the transition after high school.
Targeted for individuals enrolled or transitioning to university, college, apprenticeship or private training programs.
Supports and resources for individuals who are unemployed or only employed part-time.
Individuals who are currently working but who are interested in developing skills for new opportunities or to participate in work-related training.
Products developed to provide educators a go-to source of quality labour market information products.
Starting with a field of study, explore what people are working in, as a career in NB.
Families and Communities as Career Coaches is a project aimed at educating families and students on the value of education. On the site, users can test their knowledge in a Coach’s Quiz, identify resources in their community or access tools for career planning.