Careers Here: Occupational Videos

Whether you are seeking your first job or considering changing fields. There are many job and career options out there for you. The following videos have been prepared to help you understand career options available in New Brunswick. 

Our Careers Here: Occupational Videos and supporting web pages will help you learn more about the types of jobs available here in the Province, the skills required for these occupations, educational pathways, and much more. Each video page will provide links to similar job opportunities that are in demand. So you are encouraged to browse our video collection to determine what career may be right for you. 


Episode 1: Automotive Service Technicians


Episode 2: Civil Engineers


Episode 3: Carpenters

Episode 4: Transport Truck Drivers

Episode 5: Computer programmers and interactive media developers

Episode 6: Information systems testing analysts

Episode 7: Youth Entrepreneur: small business owners

Episode 8: Entrepreneur: tech start-ups

Episode 9: Technical occupations in health

Episode 10: Professional occupations in business and finance