User Support Technicians NOC 2282

User support technicians provide technical support to users experiencing difficulties with computer hardware, software and network connections.

Main Duties

  • Communicate electronically and in-person with computer users experiencing difficulties to determine and document problems experienced
  • Consult user guides, technical manuals, and other documents to research and implement solutions
  • Reproduce, diagnose and resolve technical problems encountered by users
  • Provide advice and training to users in response to identified difficulties
  • Provide business systems, network, and Internet support to users in response to identified difficulties.

10-year Job Openings

There are 337 job openings forecasted between 2018-2027. 

Average Annual Salary


Employment Requirements

  • Completion of a college program in computer science, computer programming, or network administration is usually required.
  • College or other courses in computer programming or network administration are usually required.
  • Certification or training provided by software vendors may be required by some employers.