Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations

These occupations include supervisors and equipment operators in the natural resource-based sectors of mining, oil and gas production, forestry and logging, agriculture, horticulture and fishing. Most occupations in this category are industry specific and do not occur outside of the primary resources industries. Occupations within this category generally require completion of college or vocational education programs. Some of these occupations, however, are characterized by on-the-job training and progression through experience.

Code Minor group
001 Legislators and senior management
011 Administrative services managers
012 Managers in financial and business services
013 Managers in communication (except broadcasting)
021 Managers in engineering, architecture, science and information systems
031 Managers in health care
041 Managers in public administration
042 Managers in education and social and community services
043 Managers in public protection services
051 Managers in art, culture, recreation and sport
060 Corporate sales managers
062 Retail and wholesale trade managers
063 Managers in food service and accommodation
065 Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c.
071 Managers in construction and facility operation and maintenance
073 Managers in transportation
081 Managers in natural resources production and fishing
082 Managers in agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture
091 Managers in manufacturing and utilities
111 Auditors, accountants and investment professionals
112 Human resources and business service professionals
121 Administrative services supervisors
122 Administrative and regulatory occupations
124 Office administrative assistants - general, legal and medical
125 Court reporters, transcriptionists, records management technicians and statistical officers
131 Finance, insurance and related business administrative occupations
141 General office workers
142 Office equipment operators
143 Financial, insurance and related administrative support workers
145 Library, correspondence and other clerks
151 Mail and message distribution occupations
152 Supply chain logistics, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations
211 Physical science professionals
212 Life science professionals