Contractors and supervisors, industrial, electrical and construction trades and related workers

This minor group includes industrial, electrical and construction trade contractors who own and operate their own businesses; and supervisors who supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers in industrial, electrical and construction trades. They are employed by construction companies; electrical, mechanical, carpentry, bricklaying, masonry, cement and concrete, plastering, drywalling and lathing, roofing, insulation, painting, floor covering, construction glass installation, and plumbing and pipefitting trade contractors; maintenance departments of industrial, commercial and manufacturing establishments; machine shops; structural, platework and related metal products fabrication, manufacturing and erecting companies; electric power generation, transmission and distribution companies and public utility commissions; telephone, cable and satellite television and other telecommunications transmission companies; gas distribution companies; manufacturers of custom furniture and fixtures and of precast concrete products; service and repair shops; glass fabrication shops; and pest control companies; or they may be self-employed.