Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations

These occupations include trades supervisors and contractors, construction and mechanical tradespersons, operators of transportation and heavy equipment and trades helpers. These occupations are found in a wide range of industrial sectors, with many in the construction and transportation industries. This category includes most of the apprenticeable trades, including all those related to the construction industry. Other occupations in this category usually require completion of college or vocational education programs combined with on-the-job training. Helpers obtain training on the job site. Progression to supervisory positions or self-employed contractor status is possible with experience. There is limited mobility or transferability of skills among occupations in this category due to specific apprenticeship, training and licensing requirements for most occupations.

Code Minor group
001 Legislators and senior management
011 Administrative services managers
012 Managers in financial and business services
013 Managers in communication (except broadcasting)
021 Managers in engineering, architecture, science and information systems
031 Managers in health care
041 Managers in public administration
042 Managers in education and social and community services
043 Managers in public protection services
051 Managers in art, culture, recreation and sport
060 Corporate sales managers
062 Retail and wholesale trade managers
063 Managers in food service and accommodation
065 Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c.
071 Managers in construction and facility operation and maintenance
073 Managers in transportation
081 Managers in natural resources production and fishing
082 Managers in agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture
091 Managers in manufacturing and utilities
111 Auditors, accountants and investment professionals
112 Human resources and business service professionals
121 Administrative services supervisors
122 Administrative and regulatory occupations
124 Office administrative assistants - general, legal and medical
125 Court reporters, transcriptionists, records management technicians and statistical officers
131 Finance, insurance and related business administrative occupations
141 General office workers
142 Office equipment operators
143 Financial, insurance and related administrative support workers
145 Library, correspondence and other clerks
151 Mail and message distribution occupations
152 Supply chain logistics, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations
211 Physical science professionals
212 Life science professionals
213 Civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers
214 Other engineers
215 Architects, urban planners and land surveyors
216 Mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries
217 Computer and information systems professionals
221 Technical occupations in physical sciences
222 Technical occupations in life sciences
223 Technical occupations in civil, mechanical and industrial engineering
224 Technical occupations in electronics and electrical engineering
225 Technical occupations in architecture, drafting, surveying, geomatics and meteorology
226 Other technical inspectors and regulatory officers
227 Transportation officers and controllers
228 Technical occupations in computer and information systems
301 Professional occupations in nursing
311 Physicians, dentists and veterinarians
312 Optometrists, chiropractors and other health diagnosing and treating professionals
313 Pharmacists, dietitians and nutritionists
314 Therapy and assessment professionals
321 Medical technologists and technicians (except dental health)
322 Technical occupations in dental health care
323 Other technical occupations in health care
341 Assisting occupations in support of health services
401 University professors and post-secondary assistants
402 College and other vocational instructors
403 Secondary and elementary school teachers and educational counsellors
411 Judges, lawyers and Quebec notaries
415 Social and community service professionals
416 Policy and program researchers, consultants and officers
421 Paraprofessional occupations in legal, social, community and education services
431 Occupations in front-line public protection services
441 Home care providers and educational support occupations
442 Legal and public protection support occupations
511 Librarians, archivists, conservators and curators
512 Writing, translating and related communications professionals
513 Creative and performing artists
521 Technical occupations in libraries, public archives, museums and art galleries
522 Photographers, graphic arts technicians and technical and co-ordinating occupations in motion pictures, broadcasting and the performing arts
523 Announcers and other performers, n.e.c.
524 Creative designers and craftspersons
525 Athletes, coaches, referees and related occupations
621 Retail sales supervisors
622 Technical sales specialists in wholesale trade and retail and wholesale buyers
623 Insurance, real estate and financial sales occupations
631 Service supervisors
632 Chefs and cooks
633 Butchers and bakers
634 Specialized occupations in personal and customer services
641 Sales and account representatives - wholesale trade (non-technical)
642 Retail salespersons
651 Occupations in food and beverage service
652 Occupations in travel and accommodation
653 Tourism and amusement services occupations
654 Security guards and related security service occupations
655 Customer and information services representatives
656 Other occupations in personal service
661 Cashiers
662 Other sales support and related occupations
671 Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations
672 Support occupations in accommodation, travel and amusement services
673 Cleaners
674 Other service support and related occupations, n.e.c.
720 Contractors and supervisors, industrial, electrical and construction trades and related workers
723 Machining, metal forming, shaping and erecting trades
724 Electrical trades and electrical power line and telecommunications workers
725 Plumbers, pipefitters and gas fitters
727 Carpenters and cabinetmakers
728 Masonry and plastering trades
729 Other construction trades
730 Contractors and supervisors, maintenance trades and heavy equipment and transport operators
731 Machinery and transportation equipment mechanics (except motor vehicles)
732 Automotive service technicians
733 Other mechanics and related repairers
736 Train crew operating occupations
737 Crane operators, drillers and blasters
738 Printing press operators and other trades and related occupations, n.e.c.
744 Other installers, repairers and servicers
745 Longshore workers and material handlers
751 Motor vehicle and transit drivers
752 Heavy equipment operators
753 Other transport equipment operators and related maintenance workers
761 Trades helpers and labourers
762 Public works and other labourers, n.e.c.
821 Supervisors, logging and forestry
822 Contractors and supervisors, mining, oil and gas
823 Underground miners, oil and gas drillers and related occupations
824 Logging machinery operators
825 Contractors and supervisors, agriculture, horticulture and related operations and services
826 Fishing vessel masters and fishermen/women
841 Mine service workers and operators in oil and gas drilling
842 Logging and forestry workers
843 Agriculture and horticulture workers
844 Other workers in fishing and trapping and hunting occupations
861 Harvesting, landscaping and natural resources labourers
921 Supervisors, processing and manufacturing occupations
922 Supervisors, assembly and fabrication
923 Central control and process operators in processing and manufacturing
924 Utilities equipment operators and controllers
941 Machine operators and related workers in mineral and metal products processing and manufacturing
942 Machine operators and related workers in chemical, plastic and rubber processing
943 Machine operators and related workers in pulp and paper production and wood processing and manufacturing
944 Machine operators and related workers in textile, fabric, fur and leather products processing and manufacturing
946 Machine operators and related workers in food, beverage and associated products processing
947 Printing equipment operators and related occupations
952 Mechanical, electrical and electronics assemblers
953 Other assembly and related occupations
961 Labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities