Looking to hire and mentor New Brunswick youth?

The Youth Employment Fund (YEF) provides funding to create an entry point to long-term employment for unemployed individuals between 18 and 29 years of age who require a work experience opportunity as identified through their employment action plan. The program provides a job placement for up to eighteen weeks with a New Brunswick employer.


  • Provide youth with an experiential learning opportunity.
  • Help youth develop and build transferable skills and/or find employment in their field of interest.
  • Provide a wage subsidy to employers to help them provide quality employment to youth.
  • Enable participants to gain work experience and develop skills through basic workplace training, mentoring and coaching from the employer.
  • Provide youth with the opportunity to network with others in their field of interest.


  • Jobs must be with First Nations communities, municipalities, not-for-profit organizations, provincial government departments/agencies or the private sector.
  • Priority is given to private sector businesses (based on the individual’s needs). It is also based on the employer’s intent to retain the youth (after the placement period).
  • Employers must be located in New Brunswick.
  • Employers have demonstrated commitment and positive experience in previous placements (if applicable).


  • The job placement will be for 30 hours per week for up to 18 weeks, consecutively.
  • Employers must provide a valuable work experience for youth (i.e. orientation, coaching and mentoring).
  • The job placement must meet the individual’s needs as per their employment action plan.
  • The job placement cannot displace permanent employees on layoff, vacation, parental or sick leave.

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Please submit your information and a staff member from your local Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour office will contact you to assist with the application process and determine your eligibility.

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